SAFE CARE® - Specialty

GEMTEK® has developed various specialty products for unique applications while following its corporate philosophy for being non-toxic, non-hazardous and readily biodegradable. These product formulations were designed to solve specific challenges such as eliminating odor or removing calcium build-up. SC-OmniBrite Acid is a plant-based acid with a low acid reserve of 9, which be used in applications such as pickling. SAFE CARE® specialty products, such as SC-Steel Bright Polish, are used after cleaning to provide a “like new” finish for stainless steel surfaces. GEMTEK® welcomes the challenge of finding safe solutions for industrial and commercial applications.OdorExFogger-Gal.JPG

Specialty Products


  • SC-Odor-Ex Odor Neutralizer
  • SC-Odor-Ex Cleaning Deodorizer
  • SC-OmniBrite Acid Cleaner
  • SC-OmniBrite Alkaline Cleaner
  • SC-Steel Bright Polish


 SC-OmniBrite Acid is used to remove rust