Safe Lube - Industrial Lubricants

The formulations used for the SAFE LUBE industrial lubricants rely on state-of-the-art botanical additives and vegetable base oils to create safe and effective alternatives to hazardous petroleum-based products. SAFE LUBE products do not contain halogens, synthetics or toxic compounds known to be harmful to people and the environment.

The SAFE LUBE formulations rely on the natural benefits of plants to create industrial lubricants with superior performance. Without changing equipment or procedures, SAFE LUBE products can replace petroleum or synthetic products in virtually any application. SAFE LUBE industrial lubricants rely upon the proven advantages of fatty acid esters mixed with degummed soy or Canola base-oils with zero hydrocarbon additives.

The key advantages of using SAFE LUBE industrial lubricants are its anti-oxidant and anti-wear properties, which extend the life of metals, seals, and gaskets for reduced life cycle maintenance costs. SAFE LUBE products are ideal for any application where leaks or spills may occur in an open environment such as shipping terminals, construction sites, or mining operations.

Industrial Lubricants


  • SL-Hydraulic Fluids – 32, 46, 68
  • SL-Gear Lube – 90, 150
  • SL-Bar, Chain and GP Oil
  • SL-Wire Rope, Film Forming
  • SL-Wire Rope, Non-Drying
  • SL-Way Lube – 15, 32, 46, 68

Setting new operating standards with plant-based industrial lubricants that improve life-cycle maintenance...