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Deicing.jpgThe advent of biobased deicers, coolants and anti-freeze have already begun to dramatically change the performance picture of such products in aviation and highway deicing, engine maintenance and building mechanical operations.  Our new biobased SAFE LUBE Specialty Fluids have dependable performance as OEM replacements for deicers, engine coolants and anti-freeze protection. 

The new patented formulations rely on the beneficial characteristics of glycerin and other plant-based esters, alcohols and free fatty acids to assure longer life cycle protection and outstanding low temperature performance down to -29°C (-20°F).  No longer are the troubling environmental concerns of propylene glycols and ethylene glycols necessary in these same applications.  SAFE LUBE Specialty Fluids brings a new level of product excellence to the age old field of low temperature modification by offering longer usable life, greater surface corrosion protection and the elimination of residual chemical contaminants -- the bane of all waste water authorities, airport management and service facilities operations. 

Engine coolant and anti-freeze protection must meet and exceed the OEM manufacturing requirements of a wide range of automotive and mechanical engineering specifications.  Our SAFE LUBE Specialty Fluids comply with ASTM D7714 and ASTM D7715 for light and heavy-duty glycerin-based engine coolants. 

Although glycol-based deicing fluids are effective, they are considered to be harmful to the environment. Therefore, in keeping with its mission for promoting biobased alternatives, GEMTEK® is pleased to offer safe alternatives that perform as effectively as glycol-based fluids. Our SAFE LUBE Safe-D-Icer is used in many different applications including roadways, sideways, runways and other outdoor surfaces where icing is a problem. Field testing has demonstrated that the SL-Safe-D-Icer formulation used in the same manner as traditional glycol-based deicers will actually retain more anti-corrosion protection for a longer use life.

When applied to surfaces, SL-Safe-D-Icer has demonstrated ice-free protection without leaving residual salts or causing corrosion of metals, oxidation of plastics and other elastomeric materials; paints and concrete; stone and asphalt materials.  Used in accordance with the suggested application dilutions, liquid SL-Safe-D-Icer is economical to use and has proven to eliminate many of the problems associated with the hazardous alternatives used in the past.

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  • Safe-D-Icer with Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Anti-freeze / Coolant

SAFE LUBE Anti-freeze / Coolant is a ready-to-use product and should not be diluted as the results would weaken the corrosion inhibitor package.